Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Hey you guys!

Artist extraordinaire, good friend, and all around nice guy Douglas Klauba will be previewing pages from his newest comic at Mid-Ohio Con!

Here's what he writes:

"Mid-Ohio Con with Superpowers... Art!

I will be a guest at Mid-Ohio Con this week end, Nov. 24-25, Battelle Hall in the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Pop Culture! Art! Comics! Toys! and Amazing Celebrity Guests!For the first time I will be showing my pages from the upcoming Superpowers #0 from Dynamite Entertainment. Stop by, say "hello", hang out and check out my "Sketchbook" and prints.I will be set up next to the Moonstone Books booth."

If you live in Ohio, if you live around Ohio, if yer planning a trip to Ohio, go see Doug! He's awesome! And tell 'im Raf sentcha, okay?

For more info, visit www.midohiocon.com

ALSO! Why the heck aren't you visiting Doug's cafepress store??? What's wrong with you people?! Go there, RIGHT NOW, and buy his wares. This man has been featured in Spectrum! His efforts have been featured on the covers of THE PHANTOM! KOLCHAK, THE NIGHT STALKER! PAPERBACK COVERS! Do yourself a favore, will ya? Visit http://www.cafepress.com/douglasklauba You'll be glad ya did!