Monday, April 11, 2016


Many of you have asked about my schedule for the rest of 2016. I'm always loathe to post too far ahead, cos, y'know, there are the shows I want to do, and then there are the shows that I actually attend. So, please, check back often, okay, to make sure that I'm actually where I say I'm gonna be. Thanks! Oh, and here's a ps... I'm including both the shows I attend as the print and poster designer AND the cons I go to as the comic book writer. I figured one place to find me in both my capacities...

SATURDAY, APRIL 16 - CRAFT AND VINTAGE MARKET - Friendly Coffee Lounge, Berwyn IL
I'll be selling prints and posters, t-shirts and greeting cards.

SATURDAY, MAY 7 - FREE COMIC BOOK DAY - Defiant Comics, Forest Park IL
Besides my comic books, natch, I'll also be selling a limited edition, signed and numbered mini-movie poster to help fund my upcoming graphic novel COMPULSION, drawn by Spanish artist Hugo Petrus. Revenues from the sale go towards production of the book.

SATURDAY, MAY 21 - WHAT'S BLOOMING ON HARRISON - Oak Park Arts District, Oak Park IL
Prints, posters, t-shirts, greeting cards.

SATURDAY, JUNE 4 - KANKAKEE FANTASY CON - Kankakee Public Library, Kankakee IL
Comic books, etc.

SAT/SUN, JUNE 11/12 - ACE CON - Lakeview Rec Center, Peoria IL
Comic books, etc. A two day event!

SATURDAY, AUGUST 6 - COMICOPOLIS - Lockport Branch Library, Lockport IL
Comic books, etc. My second year!