From 'Maxie's". Artwork by Hui-Han Liu
I was inspired to do this after seeing my friend Gary Reed's Of Scenes and Stories collection, and decided to try my hand at it. When I'm through, my hope is to have absolutely every short comic story I've ever written in the last quarter century reprinted in one place. 

Volume One reprints many of the stories I wrote for Caliber's Caliber Presents anthology,   as well as some never-before-published works,and features the talents of Hui-han Liu, Antonio Maldonado, Joseph Allen Black, Peter Krause, Jack Etheridge, the late, great Richard "Grass" Green, Shawn Van Briesen, and more! Cover art by Hugo Petrus.

48 black and white pages, color covers. Available to order online for $5.99 plus s+h.

Autographed? Personalized?

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