Tuesday, December 25, 2007


December has always been a tough month for me. My dad died on Christmas Eve lo these many years. My mom's birthday is in December, and she passed a few years ago as well. For this reason and others too personal to share, I've always been trekking through the dregs of my melancholic barrel, trying to scale the smooth walls of despair.

But I think it's because of this maudlin month that I rejoice in the love and company of friends and family. From blood brother to acquaintance, from relative to relatively friendly, the people in my life more often than not fill me with a sense of purpose and pride and passion, bringing to the table morsels of kinship and honoring my folks inasmuch as they honor me with their friendship and loyalty. I only hope that I provide them with the same succor.

I don't often write about the roiling emotion of the season; hell, I don't often write about my emotions at all, but this year has been especially... odd for me. Discovering new towns, new responsibilities, new skills, new friends has caused me to reevaluate a lot of what I thought previously important, strengthening my resolve to make 2008 a better year for me, for mine, and for all.

My sincerest wish of goodwill to all of you who have touched my life, and to those whose I might have touched. Keep your family always in your heart, your friends in your life, and your faith close at hand.

I am honored to know you and love you, however slightly, 'cause after all, this is the season of love and respect and faith, ain't it?