Thursday, October 06, 2005

And So It Goes

Ahh, the life of an independent comics writer...

I have, to date, over a dozen projects in the works. Some, I know have a home, others, I wait, with a jittery patience, while the artists pull together sample art, so that I can pitch to various publishers. The bitch is, most of the publishers that I want to pitch to now have posted on their sites that they are no longer accepting submissions.

So I have a bunch of work that need homes, but what to do? Where to send them? I keep reading about new projects being published from all sorts of publishers, but have no idea how to get their attention (the publishers, that is).

And so I find myself looking at other avenues in which to present my work. Self-publishing is an option, certainly, but not a very good one; I don't have the wherewithal (aka $$$) to make as big a splash as I'd like. I could try to put some of this work online at Komikwerks or one of the other online comics sites, but will my artists agree to it? I could try to put the books together and offer them on cafepress, but there again, the marketing problems arise. And my current publishers are jammed with books from various creators that they are putting out, and have no room for another of my titles.

Maybe I should hit Europe? Will Italian or French publishers, whose titles I feel an affinity with, be more receptive to the kinds of stories I want to do?

I know there's an answer somewhere, just gotta figure it out...

Anyone else out there in the same boat? Share!

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