Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Whew! Just got back from San Diego. What a whirlwind trip! Helping my bud Tom Negovan and his Century Guild team set up the massive display booth took two full days, just about (hey, it was a 40 foot long wall!) and damn near kilt me!

All in all, the con went well. Did a Phantom panel with my Moonstone cronies, talked a bit about my upcoming Phantom:Man Eaters book, beautifully illustrated by Vatche Mavlian and presented in WideVision (one illustration spread across two pages, with text above and below). Also saw the latest WideVision release, Law Of The Jungle, drawn by Eisner nominee Paul Guinan, and written by Moonstone head Joe Gentile. It should be out now and it's awesome!!!

Friends what I made, Peoples what I met:
Dan Brereton, Nocturnals creator, whom Century Guild honcho Tom Negovan and his new Olympian Publishing imprint will publish very soon, presenting all the previous Nocturnals tales in 3 hardcover volumes, in preparation for a new series!!!

Dan Dougherty, writer/artist of the awesome Moonstone title Cyclone Bill, which he did in grey wash! The book looks great, buy one today. I also saw pages from Dan's new project, Newton, about the meeting between Sir Isaac Newton and the Lord of Gravity! Kick-ass!

Alex Saviuk, Jon Foster, Shannon Denton, Joe Pruett, and many many more, all great, all talented, all deserving of your attention!

Look for me at WizardWorld Chicago, August 4, 5, 6 with a preview night Thursday, the 3rd. I'll be sitting at the Transfuzion Studio table in artist alley, booth #3085, with my guys Gary Reed and Steven Jones. My other venture, Hyperthetical, will be located at table #3117, with co-conspirators Jon Knipping, Nick Muntean, and Antonio Maldonado. Visit us there and often, won't you? I'll be signing any and all copies of anything I might have ever written, so if you've got a book of mine, bring it by! Cool?

Okay, more later...


Shonny-Shonn said...

raf you old dog! I guess I should have known you were cool w/ tony and brian, considering you used to work at Comico. Wondering who i am? A hint; every bit of advice you ever gave me I still apply to everything i write. I daresay, daresay, say I...that you helped me to becoma a stronger writer.
Still don't know? I go by the name of Shonn Allen. I saw Tony and Brian, and Andy Pepoy, at Comix Revolution in Evanston. Those cats were too cool. Peace bro!

Anonymous said...

I'd like a moment of your time on Sunday! You may remember me from dates like April 1, 1997. I've got the blazing red hair and big mouth that never stops nagging :). Have a good con you brilliantly crazy mocha man!!

ShojinStudios said...

RAF!!! When you postin' again! i miss you man!