Monday, February 12, 2007


Hello, my chillin's! Wanted to let you all know that both of my latest Phantom projects, Man-Eaters and 5 Days of the Dragon, are on sale e'en as we speak!

The Phantom: Man-Eaters was released in the Wide-Vision format, with a large art spread running across two pages of text. Artwork for this was done by the hugely talented Vatche Mavlian, who brought the goods, big time! Coloring is by Ken Wolak, a long time friend and long time talent!

The Phantom Annual #1: 5 Days of the Dragon is
is a group effort, featuring the mad writing and drawing skills of Ron Marz, Alan Goldman, Ruben Procopio, Mike Bullock, Tony Bedard, Juan Ferreyra, Tony Akins, Graham Nolan, Ken Wolak, and yours truly, all wrapped up real purty in a cover by Bret Blevins and Terry Austin!

Both books are available NOW at discerning comic shops everywhere. Visit the Moonstone to learn more by clicking here
I'm so happy I could pee!


TMALO70 said...

Awww Yizzo... 2 Phantom Books out at Once... MoonStone is Fortunate to have a Writer/Creator of Your Caliber workin' on Projects for them... I can't wait to get my Delicate Digits on the both of Them... A Toast to the "Ghost Who Walks" and Serious Daps to the "Man Who Puts some African Funk into those Steps"...



arnie said...

will you make an apperence in SDCC, with those? we shalll see you there.
peace out