Wednesday, September 23, 2009


For those of you who read this blog and are wondering just where the hell I've been, my apologies. The last few months have been spent toiling hard at the day job, writing, and setting up and updating the blogs for THE APOCALYPSE PLAN and SAINT G, two ongoing projects that I'm doing with artists Dan Dougherty and Juan Arevalo, respectively.

THIS update is about Windy City Comic Con, which I attended last Saturday, the 19th. What a great show it was! I met a gentleman from Spain, who actually popped in because he'd heard of the con from... someone... while visiting friends in Michigan. We talked comics for a minute, shared our admiration for ZONA NEGATIVA, the Spanish website devoted to comics, and Spanish publishers. I've long wanted to see my work translated into other languages, so we chatted a bit about that. The man didn't buy anything, but that was okay...

Also spoke with a guy who'd purchased a copy of TAP, and who is a friend of Dan's, who wanted to tell me how much he enjoyed the book, and THAT, my friends, made the show for me! It's really the only reason to appear at these cons; connecting with people who might enjoy your work and tell you so...

Saw some old friends, Andrew Kudelka, Tony Akins, Paul Mounts, Doug Klauba, Alex Wald, Charlie Athanas, Franchesco, and more; made some new ones, Kevin Mellon, Mike Oliveri (who isn't a new friend, necessarily, I've known his work and have met him before, but we got a chance to chat at length), and got a couple of welcome surprises as well: Andrew Dimitt, my close friend and brother in arts, showed up, and we got to talking about some possible collaborative efforts; and Brian Azzarello, who I've known for a number of years, but whom I usually catch at WizardWorld...

Sold a couple books, did an interview (which I'm sure I screwed up), met with organizers of the upcoming Black Age Expo (where Juan and I will be appearing), watched with love and pride at my fellow artists gettin' love from fans and passersby.

I hope to update this blog a bit more frequently again; I've got a couple things cooking that I want desperately to talk about, so hopefully I can make an announcement or two next time.

If you missed Windy City... WHY??? I told you guys about it!

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amkudelka said...

Hey Raf,
Get on Facebook already, where like 80% of the world commiserates. Elliott Serrano just posted the Apocalypse Plan interview with you and Dan on there. Good stuff. Keep your momentum going :)