Tuesday, March 08, 2011

About Me

Rafael Nieves is an American comic book writer, with over twenty years experience in the field. He began his career with the publication of Tales from the Heart, first published by Entropy Press before moving, with Issue #3, to Slave Labor Graphics.

The series, co-written with Cindy Goff, and based on her experiences, told the story of Cathy Grant, a Peace Corps volunteer stationed in Central Africa in the 80's, chronicling her trials and tribulations as a 'stranger in a strange land'. Illustrated by artist William 'Seitu' Hayden, the series garnered much praise for its depiction of real people in unreal situations.

Tales from the Heart spawned two full-color one shots published by Epic Comics, Marvel comics' creator-owner label, and the latter, Bloodlines, was nominated for two Eisner awards in 1993 (BEST SINGLE ISSUE, SELF-CONTAINED STORY & BEST GRAPHIC ALBUM - NEW).
Since then, Nieves has worked for a number of publishers, including Marvel Comics(Hellstorm, Prince of Lies), Caliber Comics (Orlak, Edgar Allan Poe's The Bells), Comico Comics/Northstar (Cold-Blooded), and Moonstone Books(The Phantom, Welcome Back, Mr. Moto, Vampire: The Masquerade).

Recently, Nieves co-created and wrote The Apocalypse Plan, a graphic novel drawn by Dan Dougherty, published by Transfuzion Publishing, a company Nieves co-founded with former Caliber Comics publisher, Gary Reed, as well as Bob Howard: Plumber of the Unknown, co-created and co-published with Dougherty.

Nieves lives in Chicago with his wife and two puppies, and when he isn't toiling on making repairs to the couple's 80 year old bungalow, he likes to read and watch Gene Simmons' Family Jewels.

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