Thursday, September 29, 2016


Well, here I go... On Saturday, October 1st, you'll find me with my friend, artist Juan Gomez haunting Chimera's Comics in La Grange, IL for their part in the nationally recognized 24 Hour Comics Day, an event that has comics creators making (or attempting to make) a 24 page comic book in 24 hours.

I've heard of this event for a couple years now, but this is my first (maybe last) time actually participating. Wish me luck! We actually start at 11:59 Friday night and end 11:59 Saturday night. Sheesh!

Juan and I are picking up where we left off back in 1996; with Charon, the boatman from the River Styx. Oh, so long ago, Juan and produced an 8-page ashcan comic that we'd hoped would develop into a series, or, at least, a graphic novel. It was not to be, and in the ensuing years, the original art was lost to the world.

As it turns out, however, Juan did manage to keep a copy of the ashcan book, and when we discussed the idea of doing this 24 hour comics day, he produced said copy and declared, "we should do THIS!"

...he didn't actually say that, but it's pretty much what happened otherwise. You can read that ashcan on the Charon Facebook page, here... While you're there, like the page, won't you? Juan and I will be posting pictures and videos of our progress on the Charon Facebook page, so keep an eye on that, okay? Okay!

And so, we are going to use the 24 hour event as an excuse to return to this character that we adore and whom we've missed for many years.

You can find out more info about the event at the Chimera Comics page here

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