Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Okay, so my wonderful wife, my darling daughter, and some ugly mug names Steve Wilhite all took me to task for not updating my blog in a loooong time. Which, frankly, surprised me. I had no idea that anyone actually read this thing!

While I can't write everything I need to this go-round, I did just see something that bears posting.

As none of you know, this is the 70th anniversary of the comics legend The Phantom. As part of the many commemorative things that I'm sure will appear, the good folks at Newsarama.com sent out an email questionnaire to current Phantom creators. I did my fair share and some of my answers actually showed up in the article culled from those responses! Check it out here > http://www.newsarama.com/images/interviews/2006/arcade/PhantomCheckin.htm

I was, and am, thrilled to be asked to offer my views on the guy in the purple underwear, and the other cats who wrote in also offer some cool insights. I'm urging every Raf-o-phile to read the article, and not just the bits with my answers. Well, maybe read my answers FIRST, and then read the other guys'.


Steve Wilhite, the guy who's last name I can never seem to spell right. He's from Idaho. He's an artist. I like him. He and Antonio (ShortRound) Maldonado and I are doing a project together called Inspector 12. Steve is living proof that they don't just grow potatoes over there! I'll tell you more about that project next time, as well as some of the other titles and creators that live in the Raffiverse, 'kay?


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TMALO70 said...

Awwww YEAH!!!
This is the kind of stuff I'm talkin' about... Interviews and the such... I not only read your answers first, but I don't even remember who else was in the interview...

BICKETY-BAM!!! You are the Man!!!


P.S. I know it doesn't rhyme... Which is why you write and I draw...

P.S.S. Thanks for mention...

P.S.S.S. Maaaan... I wish I could to New York... Have fun Pa'...